Astounding benefits of Himalayan salt eyewash

Himalayan Salt Eye Wash

In this period of hi- tech world, where technology is rapidly penetrating into our lives, eyes suffers lots of stress and strain due to computers, television, video games, and smart phones. Everyone is using some sort of screen for communicating with the world. The rays which emit from these devices, directly affect the eyes causing strain and dryness in your eyes. Due to sensitivity, eyes need extra pampering and care to keep them hydrated. All such problems related to eyes can be easily solved by making use of Himalayan salt eye wash.

Himalayan salt due to its wealth of minerals, pristine nature and natural purity is considered a very powerful healing agent for numerous health problems including the eye problems. Himalayan salt eyewash possess the anti-bacterial, anti- viral and anti fungal properties. The combination of Himalayan salt and pure natural spring water combines to give you a solution which is similar to the amniotic fluid. You can make use of this eye wash to moisten the eyes without any shock or sting to the eyes.

How to make Himalayan Salt eyewash?

  • Things needed for making eyewash
  • Half cup natural spring water. You can also use distilled water, warm or cold.
  • ¼ Teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • Glass container.
  • A small eye cup
  • Instruction for making Himalayan Salt eye wash
  • Before using the eye wash, remove any make up or cream you might have applied.
  • Add the Himalayan salt in glass of warm water but if you are having some eye allergy or itchiness then you can use cold water. Mix it well.
  • Pour the mixture into an eye cup or a small shoot glass.
  • Hold that eye cup just below your chin and then lower down your head over the eye cup until you are sure that the rims of the eye cup covers securely the edges of the eye.
  • Then tilt your head backwards to immerse your eye completely in salt eye wash solution.
  • Holding the eye cup at its place just open your eyes and take a look around.
  • Repeat the whole procedure of using the Himalayan salt eyewash for few seconds with both eyes. Roll and move your eyes during the procedure so that it gets completely into the eye in all directions.

Benefits of Himalayan salt eye wash:

  • The solution of Himalayan salt relieves irritation in the eyes caused due to hay fever and allergies.
  • It helps in relieving the eye strain.
  • It defends against the vision concerns caused due to aging and cleanse your eyes.
  • The Himalayan salt in the solution helps in the water binding of an eye which keeps the natural form of the eye ball intact.

With all these astounding benefits eye wash made out of Himalayan salt and water can improve your vision and helps you to retain it.

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